What Is Agere? ♡

~By Flynn Everett

Hello!! My name is Flynn, and today I'll be explaining the concept of "age regression" (agere) and "pet regression" (petre).

Firstly, I'd like to start off by saying neither age regression or pet regression are KINK. There are similar kinks, known as "age play" and "pet play", but age regression and pet regression are 100% SFW (safe for work).

So, what IS age regression? Well, agere is a coping mechanism where a person's brain reverts back to one of a child's. For example, an age regressor (sometimes known as a little), may enjoy activities such as colouring, using pacifiers, drinking from bottles/sippy cups, wearing diapers, playing with toys, etc. People can regress to any age! (My person regression age is 0-9).

What is pet regression? Pet regression is EXTREMELY similar, with multiple differetnt aspects. Pet regression is where one's brain thinks like an animal. Confusing? You may be asking "but you've never been an animal, so how can you regress to an animal?!" I know it sounds complicated, but it'll make sense soon. For me personally, I regress to a cat/kitten. When I pet regress, I usually like to play with cat toys, including balls with bells, scratching posts, toy mice, etc. I also like to drink out of pet bowls/bowls on the floor. Since I regress to a cat, I enjoy doing activities a real cat would do. Curling up on the couch, getting pet, playing with cats toys (as earlier explained), etc.

KEEP IN MIND; Everybody's regression is different!

Although on the media, age regression may seem really pink and cute and happy, it's not always like that. There's also something called "impure regression". Impure regression is exactly as it sounds. I personally, have only experienced impure regression once, as normally my regression is voluntary, but I've heard other people describe it as "scary", "hard", "difficult", "painful", etc.

Now, what is a caregiver? A caregiver is somebody who takes care of a regressor! This person can be a close friend, a family member, a significant other, a spouse, etc. It can be anyone, as long as you trust them to be responsible while you're regressed. Not every little has a caregiver and that's completely fine! You don't need to have a caregiver (sometimes refered to as a "mommy" or "daddy") to regress! Although it may be easier for some people to regress with a caregiver, you can also regress by yourself. I personally don't have a caregiver, but I'd love to get one sometime in the future.

Agere/Petre Requirements; The only requirement is that you're a regressor! If you're part of the kink aspect, YOU ARE NOT AGERE/PETRE. You don't have to be a girl to be a regressor. You don't have to like pink to be a regressor. You don't have to always be happy while you're regressing to be a valid regressor. You don't have to have a caregiver to be a regressor. You don't have to look a certain way to be a regressor. You're perfect how you are, and as long as you're not hurting anybody, your regression is completely valid <3

DISCLAIMER; Some of the topics I talked about may have included false information! I'm not perfect, and I do make mistakes. If you have anything you'd like to add or suggest I change, please message me on Instagram @TinyCottageNursery, Twitter @TinyNurseri, or my email which is [email protected]. Thank you so much for reading! I hope this helps educate people on what agere and petre is all about!

If you go to my account just to leave hate, you will be blocked and reported for harrassment, and I'll be making a Twitter thread and an Instagram highlight sharing your account and any other accounts you may make just to troll me or fellow regressors.

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